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IRS Justification Report

Our Research Questions

Framing our research topic:

Our chosen research topic is "Does Singapore need foreign talent?".The reason why we chose this topic is because there have been many Singaporeans who were upset over the fact that the government has let in many foreigners into Singapore to become citizens. One recent example would be Feng Tianwei winning the bronze medal at the London Olympics, which has sparked a debate on whether Singapore needs foreign talents.

Reasons for choice of topic:

We have chosen this particular topic because many Singaporeans have reacted negatively to the government letting a large scale of them coming to Singapore and becoming citizens in the recent years. Some saying that these foreign talents have stolen their jobs while others say that they have to compete with more people for houses. Therefore,we want to research on this topic to find out whether what they say is true and whether we need foreign talent to keep Singapore progressing well.

Feasibility of the research:

This research is possible for us to carry out as many Singaporeans have expressed their views and opinions on this topic. Also, we can ask relatives, friends and teachers on their opinions. There are also many platforms for us to gather information by conducting online surveys and interviewing others.

Managebility of the research:

We feel that this is a research topic that we will be able to manage. We can gather some of our information from the multiple bloggers in Singapore where people share their points of views on this topic. We do also get information from news platforms like news channels, webpages and newspapers.

Accessibility of the information required:

The type of information which will be related to our research topic would be others point of view on foreign talents, statistics of foreign talents in Singapore and jobs which foreign talents work as. Sources for our information would be primary and secondary sources. Problems which we are anticipating while gathering our materials are that the information that we have gathered are not reliable nor guaranteed to be able to represent a large whole's opinions.

Project Title

The need of foreign talent in Singapore

3 Research Questions

1)Why are people not reproducing enough?
2)Does Singapore need foreign talent and why?
3)How will the talents of foreigners benefit Singapore?

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