1. Introduction

In recent years, the downward trend of population growth in Singapore has been damaging to its economy, believes former prime minister Lee Kuan Yew('Unless we have more babies, we need to accept immigrants'). He compared Singapore's economy to that of Japan's, saying that their resistance to receiving immigrants has resulted in stagnation in its economy, and added that the Japanese had large reserves and could withstand slow growth for a long time.

Many Singaporeans have reacted negatively to the Government's decision to let a large scale of foreign workers come to Singapore and become citizens in recent years. Some say that these foreign talents have stolen their jobs while others say that they have to compete with more people for houses.(Discuss: Your views on "Foreign Talent") Also, Parliament Ministers think that foreign talent is necessary to stay competitive to stay on par with countries like Hong Kong, San Francisco etc. (S'pore needs foreign talent to stay competitive - Thu, Feb 24, 2011 my paper) They also feel that Singapore may not be able to punch above its own weight without the help of foreign workers.(S'pore cannot do without foreign talent: Ex-MM Lee - - By S Ramesh | Posted: 22 July 2011 2108 hrs)

From this study, we hope to study if Singapore needs foreign talent. It might also stop the conflict between local workers fighting with foreign workers, because their pay is lower than them, stealing their jobs, etc. However, they will realise whether or not the foreign workers are necessary in helping companies in need in foreign talent. It will also help people to understand our nation's plight if there were no foreign workers helping us. It will also help weigh the pros and cons of having foreign talent in Singapore.

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