8. Reflections

Difficulties and challenges:
Firstly, all four of us had different opinions on how to collect the data. We needed to narrow down to one point to agree based on certain conditions. The conditions are feasibility, accuracy etc.

Secondly, once we had narrowed down to our method, there were conflicts about what the questions would be. The questions once again had to meet a certain criteria, such as how it would help in our conclusion, whether people would understand it etc.

Last but not least, the technical issues. The survey forms were not very user-friendly and we needed to redo it a few times. One of the issues we had was when we needed to edit an error in the form,  and we were unable to edit it. This lead us to repeatedly creating new forms due to the criteria set in place.

Memorable moments:
Through this project, we not only have solved our research question, but have learnt much more, and bonded much more. We now understand one another better, and work even better together. We learnt many things like how to work efficiently in a team or group. We also improved our problem solving skills and increased our creative thinking through the processes of completing this research question.

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