5. Conclusion

We have concluded that people who work with foreign white-collar workers think that the latter are beneficial when working with them. Most of them also agreed that white collar workers' will be needed to sustain businesses in Singapore.

However, people who are getting serviced by white collar foreign workers do not think the same way. They think that even without white collar foreign workers in Singapore, companies would still function properly. Their reason is because they think local workers are sufficient enough to keep local companies alive.

Limitations: The results are mostly based on the workers in the engineering industry and is not a good representative of the larger Singapore economy.

Overall, we are clear that everyone has different opinions. Since the people around the white collar foreign workers know what is happening and what the foreign white collar workers are doing, they should be clear whether Singapore's companies are in need of their help or not.

Thus, we have concluded that, Singapore does need white collar foreign workers.

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